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Staff List by Teaching Department



Mr C Biddle - Subject Leader
Miss L Bardell
Miss N Gregory
Mrs L Williams


Miss S Grice


Miss H May - Subject Leader
Ms A Fisher


Mrs N de Hoest - Subject Leader
Ms M Humphries


Mrs C Stevens - Subject Leader
Mr A O'Sullivan - Assistant Subject Leader
Mrs J Henderson
Mrs K de Silva
Ms A Fisher
Mrs W Jelly
Miss K Lindsay

Food Technology

Mrs S Rees - Subject Leader
Mrs A Morgan


Miss K Butcher - Acting Subject Leader
Mr T Patteson
Ms M Humphries
Miss H Hunt
Mr S Longworth


Mr H Bradbury - Subject Leader
Mr O Josephson
Miss L Elford
Mrs R Harris
Dr H Southwood


Mr V Lakhani - Subject Leader
Mr S Carpenter


Mr J Stoddern - Subject Leader
Mr G Compton - Assistant Subject Leader
Miss A Chernin
Mrs F Cox
Mr D Docherty
Ms H Gage
Dr C Lane
Mrs J Lothian

Modern Foreign Languages

Miss C Occhionigro - Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Dr A Broomfield - Subject Leader for German
Mrs S Pimm - Subject Leader for Spanish
Mrs C Ashcroft (French/Spanish/Latin)
Ms N Hinz (German/French)
Mrs S Proctor (French)


Mrs A Newson - Subject Leader
Mrs N Jashari
Mrs R Lewis


Mr S Miles - Subject Leader Boys' PE
Miss C Sole - Subject Leader Girls' PE
Mrs T Craig
Mrs G Maishman
Mr O Pierce
Mr N Spittle


Dr H Southwood - Subject Leader
Mr O Josephson
Mrs R Harris
Miss R Houghton


Philosphy, Religion and Ethics

Mrs Kathryn Taylor - Subject Leader
Miss K Chafer
Mrs M Rasekh



Ms K Cork - Subject Leader
Miss F Ralph



Mr K Mutter - Team Leader for Science (Subject Leader for Biology)
Mr B Madej - Subject Leader for Physics
Miss C Osborne - Chemistry A level Co-ordinator
Mrs G Clarke (Acting Subject Leader for KS4 Science - Physics/Biology)
Dr M Lohr (Acting Subject Leader for KS3 and KS4 Chemistry)
Mrs S Sawyer (Acting Subject Leader for KS3 and KS5 Biology)
Mr A Baker (Physics)
Dr R de Brito (Chemistry/Science)
Mr A Gold (Physics)
Mrs L Gunary (Biology)
Dr M Hobson (Biology/Chemistry)
Mrs C Howie (Chemistry/Physics)
Mrs H Savage (Biology/Physics/Science)
Miss A Thoday (Chemistry)


Miss K Chafer - Subject Leader
Miss R Houghton


Mr M Harvey - Co-ordinator for Technology/Subject Leader for DT
Mrs L Barr
Mr J Payne


Mrs A Morgan - Subject Leader


Astra Teachers

Mr S Beedell - Geography
Mr P Chappel - Drama
Mr E Hill - PE
Mr C Walsh - Mathematics