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Physical Education

Key Stage 3 PE (Years 7-9) is taught in single sex classes by specialist staff.  Over the course of the three years of Key Stage 3 pupils will be given experience of the full range of sports we are able to offer at Chesham Grammar School.  
Pupils enjoy two, one hour lessons each week throughout Years 7-10.  In Years 11-13 PE is a compulsory subject (one hour per week) and students are able to choose activities from a wider range of options.
In Year 7, girls and boys follow a range of activities in single sex ability groups. Activities include: hockey, rugby, football, trampolining, badminton, basketball, gymnastics, lacrosse, swimming, athletics, tennis, cross country, cricket, table tennis, orienteering, 'Physique' (Use of Fitness equipment), dance and rounders (girls) and rugby union and softball (boys), and a range of sport education and leadership lessons.

Extra-Curricular Sport

In addition to lessons we are fortunate to be able to offer a large range of extra-curricular clubs and activities which take place at lunchtimes and after school.  Our extra curricular timetable is updated each half term to give pupils a chance to be active and healthy at lunchtimes and after school and continue to refine their skills further or just to enjoy participating.  All clubs are open for all abilities to attend.  Over the course of the school year their are sports and activities to suit all age groups, genders and abilities.
We also have a comprehensive list of fixtures against both local and regional schools. We enter school teams in every age group for both male and female teams.  A list of our fixtures and results can be found in the 'Sport' section of our website.  In recent years we have had a great deal of success in Football, Basketball, Rugby, Netball and Rounders.


Sports hall, gymnasium, six tennis courts, four netball courts (floodlit), three football pitches and two rugby pitches, two Cricket Pitches, four indoor cricket nets, one outdoor mobile cricket net, 25m swimming pool, dance studio, Physique Fitness Centre.  


Teaching Staff

Miss Sole (Head of Girls’ PE) 
Mr Miles (Head of Boys’ PE)
Mrs Craig (PE Teacher)
Mrs Maishman (Austen House Leader)
Mr Spittle (Shakespeare House Leader)
Mr Pierce (Franklin House Leader)
Miss Shannon Blackman (Technician)
Mr Jackson (Technician)


The GCSE physical education course (exam board  - Edexel) is for those students who have a keen interest in PE lessons and an aptitude for sport.

PE Syllabus

Unit 1 40%    Written paper – 1 hour 30 mins
The exam paper is out of 80 marks including: multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, scenario, longer answer questions

Unit 2 60%    Performance in physical education
The practical grade awarded is split into two main aspects detailed below.  These aspects are known as their practical performance and their Analysis of Performance.

Part 1 48% Practical performance
Four practical performances in the role of a player/participant, leader or official.  Each marked out of ten marks.  At least two performances must be as a player/participant, and, performances must be taken from a minimum of two different activity areas (see chart) e.g. you could be assessed in netball/football as a player, leader and official plus swimming.

Part 2 12% Analysis of performance
Students will give feedback on one selected activity through a written report, short presentation or oral interview demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of rules; observing, analysing and evaluating a performance, planning strategies, tactics and practices and planning a personal exercise programme. Marked out of 20.

Chosing four sports/activities
Activities and activity groups

Students must offer four sports taken from the activities below.  Performances must be taken from a minimum of two activity groups (also listed below).
Abb.  Sport/Activity  Group   Abb.  Sport/Activity Group
FB                             Association Football   A     LB         Lawn Bowls  D
FE    Fencing A LS   Life Saving E
FH  Field Hockey  A LT  Lawn Tennis A
FT  Fitness Training  F MB  Mountain Biking  E
GF  Gaelic Football  A NB  Netball  A
GO  Golf  D OR  Orienteering  E
GY  Gymnastics  B PO  Polo  A
HA  Handball  A PS  Personal Survival  E
HR  Horse riding  E RH  Roller Hockey  A
HU  Hurling  A RL  Rugby League  A
ID  Ice Dance  C RO  Rounders  A
IH  Ice Hockey  A RU   Rugby Union A
IL  Inline Hockey  A RW  Rowing  D
JU  Judo  A SA  Sailing  E
JJ  Jujitsu  A SB  Softball  A
KA  Karate  A SK  Skiing  E
KO  Korfball  A SN  Snowboarding  E
LA  Lacrosse  A SQ  Squash  A
SU  Surfing  E SS  Synchronised Swimming  B
TK  Tae Kwon Do  A WB  Wakeboarding  E
TP  Trampolining  B WI  Windsurfing  D
TR  Trekking  E WL  Weightlifting  A
TT  Table Tennis  A WP   Water Polo A
VB  Volleyball  A WS  Water Skiing  E
Please click on the link below to access further information directly from the Edexcel Website:

Additional Information

Students will be given the opportunity to study and participate in a range of physical activities.  The precise programme of activities to be followed will be determined by the general strengths and interests of the group.  
Pupils on the GCSE PE course should be aiming to improve the standard of their own performance, knowledge and understanding in a number of sports as a player, leader or official, the theoretical side of the course will examine aspects of fitness, exercise and training, safety and applied anatomy and physiology as part of a healthy active lifestyle.