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what's happening at Chesham Grammar

Posted on: January 27th 2017

Head's Blog

Dear Parent,

This week, the information about school preferences expressed by parents of those who will be joining Year 7 was released by the Local Authority Admissions Department.  I was delighted to see that the number of first preferences for CGS has risen significantly and is now one of the highest of all the Bucks grammar schools.  It is certainly now the case that, in order to gain admission to CGS, it must be the first choice school which is good news.

My assembly this week has been about the history of the school given it is, as you know, our 70th anniversary this year.  It was interesting, I hope, for the students to hear some of the very early entries into the school's first logbook, a few of which I included in my newsletter last week.  Just this lunchtime, an ex-student from the 1960s, Mr Ash Telford, has been in to talk to some Sixth Form students about a career in IT, following many years as a Director at Hewlett Packard.  It was fascinating to hear about his experiences here which included being caned on several occasions!  Despite that, he says he has very happy memories and thoroughly enjoyed his time at the school.  Our Development Officer, Martha Ware, had located a whole school photograph from 1965 in which he found himself and his stories of prefects and teachers in the picture were really interesting.  Suffice to say that current prefects and teachers act in totally different ways!  All sorts of items within the school have come to light over the past few days since we started tweeting our 'history of the school in 70 objects'.  I am most looking forward to reading an old textbook found in a cupboard in the Physics Department aimed at girls which explains the physics of things like washing machines.  How things have moved on!  One of our objects tweeted this week is a very 21st century 3D printer.  We now have three in the school and I am absolutely fascinated by what they can do.  Our Technology and Art Departments are excited about the opportunities these present to really enhance the experiences of our students.

This week, I was delighted to meet with students from Years 8 to 13 who gained silver or gold certificates in the Senior Maths Challenge. Those in Year 13 were:

William Storey who was also Best in School and Best in Year, Daniel Stretch, Alice Norton, Sam Fielding, Guy Moss, Harry Sawyer, Alex Cowden and Bradley Clark.  In Year 12: Nathan Forshaw, Cara Wardle, Emily Slay and Murhaf Al-Shalabi.  Also included were Freddie Causton who was Best in Year in Year 11, Caitlin MacKay who was Best in Year in Year 10 along with Emily Woods and Sam James in Year 9 and Krishna Chivukula in Year 8.  Very many congratulations to them all.  They were joined by Tobin, who is in Year 6 at Great Missenden Primary School and who so impressed Mr Stoddern, Subject Leader for Maths, at our Open Evening in September that he invited him to take part in the Challenge.  It was a pleasure to give Tobin his certificate and to watch him talk to our students about maths.

My 18th birthday tea this week was attended by Bradley Clark, David Jones, Katie Adams, Max Lee, Amy Alexander and Stefan Guldberg-Allen.  Congratulations to them all.

I must also mention here Talisa Sharma who is a member of the Year 8 girls' football team I included in my newsletter last week.  I must apologise to Talisa as somehow, I managed to omit her name from the list of team players.  Well done to her and the others on their performance in the regional finals at the Madejski Stadium recently. 

If you have downloaded our School Connect App, you will be well aware that we are recruiting a new Assistant Headteacher!  May I apologise as I understand you received this notification multiple times this morning.  Having spoken to Cleverbox, the company which designed our website and associated App, it seems that during their latest App update, a bug led to this announcement being triggered on a recurring basis.  We are assured that this was an isolated incident and has now been resolved.

As I mentioned in my newsletter a few weeks ago, John Lewis will stop supplying our uniform at the end of this month.  Wheatleys are now our official stockist and will have our school skirt in their shop from Easter. The model they have will contain an adjustable waistband which I know from conversations with some of the girls will make life a lot easier for them.  I am also delighted to tell you that, although the skirt in all other ways is identical to the one John Lewis supplied, it will cost less.

Finally, can I ask you to remind your children that they need to take care when leaving school at the end of the day.  We have had several emails recently from concerned motorists or parents who have narrowly avoided our students who have stepped - or in some cases run - into the road without looking.  We do not want any accidents and so a conversation about basic road safety with your child would be appreciated.  Thank you.

With best wishes for a relaxing weekend. 

Annmarie McNaney