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Posted on: January 13th 2017

Head's Blog

Dear Parent,

I was relieved not to see snow when I woke up this morning!  As I said last week, in the event of bad weather, my aim will always be to keep the school open wherever possible but please do ensure that you check our website, twitter feed and/or the Bucks school closures page before your child sets off for school if we do have a heavy snowfall.  I know many children leave home very early so this decision will always be taken and made public by 6.30am. 

This week, I attended the FOCGS Committee meeting.  I would like to thank the FOCGS who have already raised a significant amount of money for the school this year.  This term, there is a quiz night planned for 25th February as well as a comedy night later in the term.  Please do attend if you can.  Not only are the events good fun, they all help us to enhance the facilities available to our students.  One source of income which is an incredibly easy scheme for the FOCGS to administer and for parents to join is ShopSmart.  This is a scheme where parents commit to buying a set amount of vouchers each month for Tesco, Sainsbury or Waitrose/John Lewis with those companies giving the FOCGS commission on vouchers sold.  At the moment, this raises around £12,000 a year thanks to the participation of just over 100 families.  A simple calculation tells you that this has enormous potential as a source of additional funds given we have 1300 students in the school!  Some families use the scheme to buy vouchers which cover their monthly shopping bill while others choose to pay in perhaps £50 a month and then withdraw the total amount just before Christmas to pay for presents and/or food.  There is a huge amount of flexibility in how the scheme can be used and the great thing is that it takes very little effort to join.  Please do think about whether or not this is something you would be willing to commit to.  To borrow Tesco's advertising slogan, 'every little helps'!  As you know, the money raised by the FOCGS this year will help us provide some class sets of iPads which will enhance the learning of our students. 

Term dates for the academic year 2017-18 are now on our website. Please note that we will finish for the October half term on Thursday 19th October, with the following day, Friday 20th, being the first day of the holiday. 

As you will be aware, our uniform has been sold by John Lewis for some time.  Last term, we were notified that they are no longer willing to be one of our suppliers which was most disappointing.  I am, however, delighted to announce that Wheatleys in Amersham will become our official uniform supplier.  To those of you with a daughter in Years 7 - 11, please be aware that there may be a few weeks during the changeover period when the school skirt will be unavailable.  John Lewis will stock the skirt until the end of this month so if you know you will need a replacement in the next few weeks, please do make sure you order one before then.  Wheatleys will have our skirts in stock very soon and already sell our blazer and tie so there will not be any issue with other uniform items. 

Can I ask parents who drop their child off at school to ensure they observe the 5mph speed limit on the school site.  This week, we had a near miss on the pedestrian crossing on the school site when a parent came in too quickly and almost hit a child.  Another parent was observed dropping a child off, then reversing very quickly across the pedestrian crossing.  I would ask that children are dropped off either in the bay at the front of school or in one of the roads nearby so that traffic is eased on site.  If you are on site, please drive slowly and carefully. 

This week I met with Year 7s who had a 12th birthday during the Christmas holiday.  They are: Rocco Barbuti, Matilda Wood, Josh Morel, Yasmin Reynolds, Nikhil Mistry and Lucy Baxter.  I have also met with Year 13s since the start of term who have celebrated an 18th birthday recently.  They are: Isobel Hummerstone, Amy O'Shea and Alice Norton.  Happy birthday to them all.  

I am looking forward to meeting those of you with a child in Year 9 at the progress evening next Thursday.  You will receive your child's report in advance of the evening so that you can ask any questions you might have about GCSE options etc during your meetings with teachers. 

With best wishes for a relaxing weekend,

Annmarie McNaney